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About us

Place To Place Trucking Ltd., is a small trucking company in Bermuda that responds to the needs of consumers which includes but not limited to, the transport of furniture, office moves, goods, gravel, and waste disposal.

Our fleet is comprised of one (1) truck with a 10' x 5' foot loading bed and includes the necessary equipment to complete each job.

To ensure safe and efficient transport of goods and services, Place To Place Trucking Ltd., has a maximum of three (3) workers within the truck.

With competitive rates & excellent customer service, Place To Place Trucking Ltd. is available to service consumer needs!

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What goes where

Dump fees are not included 

Tynes bay ( house hold trash lumber) 

Airport dump ( metal, soil, rocks) 

Marshall Folly ( trees )

Including loading, unloading and haulage 

We charge per hour 

All quotes given are estimates and subject to change.

Prices subject to change based on condition of job


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